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Established in 2018, Melbourne-based building company Small Projects is a rapidly growing business offering a diverse range of skills and services.

What makes us different is that we offer ‘small projects’ a level of expertise and support that would usually be exclusive to large-scale business. And, with this, we deliver the same requisite deep thinking and construction intelligence of a larger project.

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Technically Small, Constantly Evolving

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By sharing resources with Intracon, our clients gain access to a team of 18 skilled and experienced industry professionals.

It means we’re flexible – we scale our support to the project, and adapt along the way so that every project is delivered with efficiency and excellence.

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It’s the most fulfilling feeling to complete a project that everyone’s proud of. But, let’s not forget the journey to get there.

We want you to use us again and recommend us to all your friends, so a good process is as important to us as a good outcome. We believe in transparency and honesty; in listening, and open communication.

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The Small Projects team is both close-knit and diverse. We work in an open office with a flat hierarchy structure to keep our values of true collaboration and inclusion alive.

We make a point of it because the way we work is evident – our respect for each other and the work translates to a positive experience for our clients, from start to finish.