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Let’s talk about Small…

We offer ‘small projects’ a level of expertise and support that would usually be exclusive to large-scale business. (Small, is our thing.) Working with us, you’ll get the same kind of deep thinking and construction intelligence typically required to successfully deliver larger projects.

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Small, since 2018.

Young in years with offices in Melbourne and Geelong, our team brings together decades of experience.

We’re used to working with design driven clients developers and architects on small (and large) projects right throughout Melbourne’s inner and outer suburbs, through Geelong and the Bellarine, as well as down the Mornington Peninsula.

We know what it takes to deliver great outcomes that benefit everyone. In an industry full of big egos, we’re willing to park ours at the door, and get on with getting the small, complex and technical details, just right.

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The types of projects and clients we love. (Spoiler alert, it’s not just small projects).

If you’re a great person with an exciting project, we can help and we’re keen to chat. Transparency, honesty, listening, and open communication are the values we  seek most from our clients.

Don’t be concerned about whether you’re vision is too small or too large: developers, architects, interior designers, home owners, commercial property owners or owners corporation managers (and even building rectification consultants)—we don’t discriminate.

Reach out and tell us about your project. Small, medium (and even large—size is a matter of interpretation!) We’ll happily work with you to work out what’s right and ultimately, find satisfaction in the small things.

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Builders who care about people.

The Small Projects team is both close-knit and diverse.

We work in an open office with a flat hierarchy structure to keep our values of true collaboration and inclusion alive. Culture matters, and we honestly care about each other, and our clients.

We make a point of it because it’s evident in the way we work. Our respect for each other and the work we do every day translates to a positive experience for our clients, from start to finish.

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Meet the Small Projects team

Small Projects is owned and operated by Charlie Egan.

Charlie Egan

Charlie Egan

Executive Director


Our team and key subcontractors are made up of a diverse group of women and men who’ve successfully overseen a wide range of projects, working with tier one and two builders. Collectively, we believe going smaller creates an opportunity for architects and clients to work with a team that’s usually only exposed to bigger budget build and construction projects.